Angels for Allison

Student Leadership Council 

Angels for Allison is offers a unique leadership and community service opportunity for Northeast Florida high school students.  Our Foundation is looking for dedicated young men and women interested in becoming a Student Leadership Council (SLC) Representative.

The Student Leadership Council serves as the governing body of all of the Foundation's youth related activities, including Wings clubs (Angels for Allison high school clubs), fundraising, events and volunteer opportunities.  The Council will be composed of small groups of students selected through an application process. Council members will act as the liaison between area schools, their communities and Angels for Allison. All members will be asked to commit to at least 2 or more hours of their time each month, as well as work with other students, adults and businesses.  A full description of the Student Leadership Council Representative requirements can be found HERE

How do I apply to the Student Leadership Council? 

To apply to the Student Leadership Council, click here.

May I join the Student Leadership Council if my school does NOT currently have a Wings Club? 

Of course! Wings Clubs are groups of student volunteers from Northeast Florida area schools that meet regularly to participate in the Foundation's events, fundraisers and Angel Painting Program. Angels for Allison is adding more students and clubs every year and always looking for more to join!

If you are selected to serve on the Student Leadership Council and your school does not already have a Wings Club, then you may want to consider forming a Wings Club at your school.  

Questions or additional information?  

For any additional information or questions please contact Angels for Allison via email or phone: (904) 312-9490.