Infant and Child Safety


The Dangers of Co-Sleeping

Ashton Hanigan, a member of the Student Leadership Council for Angels for Allison, has been working toward the Gold Award with the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council. Her project was on the dangers of co-sleeping and ways to prevent it.

Why is Co-Sleeping Dangerous?

Infant deaths that occur during co-sleeping usually are caused when a parent or guardian rolls over onto or accidentally smothers the child. In 2012, Pediatrics published a report showing that of the over 8,200 infant deaths studied, approximately 74% of the children died because of co-sleeping.

Who is at Risk?

Any child who sleeps with a parent or guardian is at risk of severely injuring or possibly killing their child.

How is This Risk Eliminated?

The answer is simple - to reduce the possibility of accidental death, co-sleeping should be avoided.

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