We would love to add you to our list of Angel Donors for 2019.

2018 Contributors & Supporting Partners

Thank you to all our generous donors who have given to the Foundation from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.  

Every effort was made to achieve accuracy in this list, but if your name is omitted or misspelled, please accept our apologies and let us know by email.

Seraphim  $10,000 and above

Cornelius Schou and Leone CPA
Fidelity information Services
The Delores Barr Weaver Fund
The Geddes Family Foundation
River City United Foundation

Cherubim  $5,000 - $9,999

Charity Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oaates
Ortega Preservation Society

Ophanim  $2,500 - $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. John Baker
Black Knight Financial Services
Camp Sunshine
Florida Rock and Tank Lines
Evergreen Cemetery Association
Intuition Ale Works
Jacksonville Automobile Dealers Association
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Pentaleri
Rotary Club of South Jacksonville
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Robie
San Jose Church of Christ
Timucuan Asset Management, Inc.
WHW Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wills

Dominions  $1,000 - $2,499

Chatham Personnel
Episcopal High School Virginia
First Coast Energy DBA Daily's
Florida Blue
Mrs. Margaret Brundick
Kids First Dentistry
The Gate Foundation, Inc.
The Lewis Greenwood Foundation
Morales Construction Co.
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Neal
Mr. Shamim Arabi
Shipp Limited Partnership
Spectrum Fimls Inc.
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Zimmerman Family Foundation

Virtues  $500 - $999

Beta Sigma Phi
Mrs. Mary Bower
Dr. and Mrs. James Cheek
Mrs. Katherine Debriere
Educational Development Services
Ms. Laura Evans
Fields Galley Private Foundation
Mrs. Joan Grief
Mr. Peter Gunnlaugsson
Haynes, Peters and Bond Insurance
Mr. and Mrs. John Humes
Jacksonville Pediatrics
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Magevney
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nooney
Nottingham Home Investors
Raymond James Sextant Wealth Group
Rotary Club of South Jacksonville
Naugle Schnauss Funeral Home
Mrs. Sarah Terry
Sport Nobles Construction Co.
The MaryEllen Willis Foundation

Powers  $250 -499

Anita's Garden Shop
Berkshire Hathaway/Leslie Fraleigh
Field D. Boatwright Living Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Clements
Community Hospice and Palliative Care
Ms. Barbara Crane
Dermatology and Laser Center
Festival of Flight Committee
Mr. Bo Givens
Ms. Marsha Glaziere
Mr. Frank Gonynor
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Will Newton
Ortega Family Dentistry
Ms. Susan Powell
Russell Haven of Rest
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Slater
Mr. Morgan Williams
Mr. and Mrs. John Whitner
Mr. J.F. Zipperer

Principalities  $100 - 249

Mrs. Stephanie Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beaudrias
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bennett
Mrs. Patricia Bent
Ms. Cathy Brinton
Mrs. Diane Brooke
Ms. Katherine Kashwell
Mrs. Emmy Cerveny
Mr. Jon Clements
Ms. Katie Cofran
Mr. John Crane
Creative Grain Studio
Ms. Ashley Correia
Ms. Veronica DeFrancesco
Mrs. Bonnie Dudley
Ms. Arey Dunn
Mrs. Margaret Forrester
Mrs. Margo Fraleigh
Dr. and Dr. Samir Garas
Mrs. Melinda Gibbs
Good Dough Good Doughnation
Mrs. Joan Haskell
Ms. Susan Hatcher
Ms. Ashley Helmick
Dr. Leslie Hirsig
Mrs. Sissy Horn
Ms. Susan Justice
Ms. Mellie Kerins
Mrs. Joanne Lampe
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Libera
Mrs. Diane Madison
Mr. Paul Mahoney
Mrs. Bunny Manning
Mrs. Bonnll Martens
Mr. and Mrs. Davis MacCrae
Mrs. Jennifer McCranie
Ms. Jacqueline Moise
Mr. Dade Nigro
Mrs. Nancy Nooney
Mrs. Liz Nottingham
Mr. Mike Ondina
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Patterson
Ms. Mistee Richards
Mrs. Brooke Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Summerford
Mrs. Sally Surface
Mr. and Mrs. Don Swain
Judge Sharon Tanner
Rogers Towers
The Shelly Family
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Studdard Roofing
Ms. Becky Tanner
Ms. Martha Vandermallie

Archangels  $50 - 99

The Bolles School
Ms. Jametriss Boone
Mr. and Mrs. William Boozer
Mrs. Susie Catto
Dr. Robert Colyer
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hodson Drew
Episcopal School of Jacksonville
Ms. Janice Farinelli
Mrs. Anne Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hallowes
Mrs. Jane Hazlett
Ms. Carla Johnson
Ms. Sally Johnson
Mrs. Anne Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Morrow
Ms. Tracy Pyles
Ms. Sarah Rauch
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ray
Ms. Barbara Pickett
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Sacks
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
Mrs. Mary Squires
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ware
Ms. Ginny Walthour
Banta Whitner

Angels  $49.99 and below

Mr.and Mrs. Charles Afflick
Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Basford
Ms. Krissy Barkas
Ms. Jennifer Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fackler
Mrs. Carolyn Groff
Mrs. Adrienne Kent
Ms. Marcia Kilgore
Ms. Nadine Kirk
Dr. Kelly Komatz
Legacy Trust
Mrs. Sharon Lucie
Mrs. Janis Lumpkin
Ms. Lori Menger
Ms. Pati Merrill
Ms. Mary Peterson
Ms. Penny Ponsell
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Smithwick III
Ms. Briditte Sollie
Ms. Karen Stephens
Ms. Karen Stevens
Mr. Trevor Thomas
Mr. Steven Walker
Whimsically Chic Boutique
Ms. Allison Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wilson